If you would like to join a small group and don't see a group that fits your schedule, please contact Suzanne at spartanburgbcm@att.net or call/text us at (864) 266-0910. We will likely add more small groups!


Also, if you campus is not listed, feel free to visit another campus group and make new friends.

USC Upstate Small Groups
  • Upstate Ladies Small Group: Tuesday @ 3:30pm in HEC couches by Info Desk

  • Upstate Men's Group: Wednesdays @ 11:30 am meets here at BCM House (509 Tenosha Drive)

SMC Small Groups
  • SMC Ladies & Men Group: Wed. @ 6:16 pm - Meets in Student Center (upstairs)

SCC Small Groups
  • SCC Ladies & Men Group: Mon. @ 11:15 am - Meets in Hub

Converse Small Groups
  • Tuesdays @ 8:15 pm | Meets in Pell Lobby

  • Converse groups will begin Tues, Feb 4th when the spring semester starts


BCM Thursdays @ 8

Worship • Community • Service Opportunities

Join us weekly for BCM Thursdays @ 8 at 495 Tenosha Drive Spartanburg 

Free Meal at 7:15

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